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Happy Birthday Nathan !
this guy was there for my 16th and 17th birthday. i never knew he would, but he was. lol . he’s finally legal today. we’ve known each other since 7th grade. he is my ex boyfriend. our relationship was cute LOL he use to be soooo shy just to talk to me on the phone. we weren’t in love, but i admit we were really cute. haha . i still remember on his backpack it said “i love stephanie lee” we were young and we thought we were in love so that’s why i thought it was cute. haha there were times when i use to be so mad at him becus of the things he’s done, but overall he is a great person. even though we hardly talk, i’ll still remember his birthday and i’ll always be here for him if he needs anyone to talk to and what not. sometimes i regret breaking up with him in the past because my reason to break up with him was just so stupid and pathetic. i never wanna talk about why i wanted to split apart with anyone. but anyways, i hope he has a great birthday. i hope he’ll be safe and stay safe ! i will always care about you and worry about you. have a good one cuuutaaay haha happy 18th birthday nathan <3 :)

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